Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral (KJCC) was created to provide traditional training of one of the world’s most popular sports to children and adults of Southwest Florida. Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral is currently the only Judo school in Lee County and the 5th largest USJA school in the country.

The goal of KJCC is to train average people as olympic level competitors.


2014 December Winter Nationals USJA/USJF

On December 5th, Erica and Christina Paccione traveled to Los Angeles, California to compete in the USJA/JF Winter Nationals which consisted of over 700 competitors.  Erica who is 13 years old was undefeated in two divisions: 57 kg 13 & 14 year old and 57 kg 15 & 16 year old.  She won three of her matches by ippon becoming a gold medal champion in both divisions.  Christina who is 12 years old fought in the 37 kg 11-12 year old division and the 41 kg division taking the Silver in the 37 kg and the Gold in the 41 kg.  Christina was undefeated in the 41 kg division which had seven competitors and had one loss in the 37 kg division which brought her Silver in her division.  Christina won four of her matches by ippon.  Congrats to our two national champions!!! 




5th Annual Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships

2015 Y. Matsumura Championship

Click HERE to download the complete PDF application for 2015 Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships.

Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral will be hosting the 5th Annual Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships at Oasis High School in Cape Coral on March 14, 2015. 

Judoka descend on Cape Coral every March to compete in this event...don't miss this chance to test your skills! In attendance will be Sensei Yoichiro Matsumura 8th Dan, 3x Olympian Celita Schultz and the United States Judo Association President, Gary Goltz.



Sensei Paccione Promoted to 6th Dan


After 8 years in rank, the United States Judo Association Promotion Board, promoted Sensei John Paccione to the prestigious rank of 6th degree black belt.  Several instructors and judoka came to congratulate Sensei Paccione on his promotion. 

Team Champs

Kodokan Judo competed in the Team Championship Judo Tournament in Delray, Fl.  taking home the third place team trophy.

1st place:  Charis Garcia, Chaylen Garcia, Erica Paccione, Melissa Herrera, and Alex Sacramento.

2nd place: Kiana Meyer, Roxy Viernes, Andy Koestra, Brandon Person, Dominick Meady, and Christina Paccione.

3rd place: Zen Despagni, Brooke Pierson, Jaiden Meyer, and Mark Tamulionis.

Congrats to ALL! 

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