Booster Club

Welcome and thank you for taking interest in our Judo Dojo (School).


The Booster Club is a group of Judo parents that formed together to support the Sensei’s (Teachers) and the Judokas (Students).  We started the Booster Club in the summer of 2011 after completing a full Judo season and realizing that for all the Judokas / Athletes in the Dojo to be able to experience multiple tournaments at high level there is a need for community support.


There are over 100 Judokas signed up and in training at the Dojo.  Regular training runs three days a week for an hour and a half each session.  Additionally there is an extra day for those who would like another workout and practice.  Then there is another day for training for Judokas age 4-7 to get a detailed instructional class at their level.  During high level competition season there is an additional day of competition workout and technical training.  This makes a total of six days of training a week.  These Judokas are heavy competitors training at Olympic levels.


During the Judo year which runs from September thru July there are several tournaments on different levels; Local, State, National, and Inter-National.  Last year Judokas from the Dojo competed at 12 Local tournaments, 2 State tournaments, 4 National tournaments, and 1 Inter-National tournament.  Additionally members participated in 5 Judo Training Clinics during the year.


The entire cost of a Local tournament in the State of Florida is approximately $300 per person, which includes registration, travel and food.  State tournaments end up costing more due to lodging expenses, and National and Inter-National tournaments include larger travel and lodging expenses.   These types of expenses are what the Booster Club aims to reduce by procuring sponsors, receiving donations, and conducting fundraising as a non-profit corporation.


All Judokas in the Dojo belong to the United States Judo Association, the national authority governing their rank and membership status.  Additionally Judokas competing in high level tournaments belong to USA Judo, the Olympic points system which documents points earned to qualify for National Ranking and National Teams.  There are several Judokas in this Dojo that have the potential to make it to the Olympics and this can be made possible by community support.  The scope is to allow more Judokas to attend multiple tournaments by making participation affordable.  All proceeds go directly to the funding assistance to competitive Judokas at our Dojo.


Please contact us with any personal, business, or corporate sponsorship requests.

The Board of Directors:  Kodokan Judo Booster Club of Cape Coral Inc.

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